CBSE Class 12 computer science paper 2018 analysis: Average but tricky questions, say students


Students, who appeared for the Class 12 computer science paper of the Central Board of Secondary Education, said on Friday the questions were tricky but nothing they could not manage and also pointed out that there were a few errors, which were rectified.
The difficulty level of the computer science paper was average as compared to the last year, students said in Lucknow, most of them were satisfied with their performance.
Students of City International School Priyanshi and Tejal said “the questions were tricky but manageable” but Sumedha found the question related to file handling a bit difficult to solve.
At GD Goenka School, students pointed out that the question paper had a few errors. The paper, they said, was average and scoring in most of the sections with a few questions which were tricky but not lengthy at all. They added that it carried no surprise element and they had well prepared and practised such questions.
“It was an easy paper. I have attempted all questions and did complete my paper in time,” Muskan said.Manas and Shyam were also of the view that questions were average except a few tricky ones but nothing that they could not solve and complete in time.
“Easy paper overall and I’m expecting a good result in this subject,” Yashi said. “I prepared well for the examination. The level was average and I certainly expect a 100% result,” Ishita added.
Students in Uttarakhand capital also pointed out a mistake. “There was an error in one of the questions, which was rectified later. Overall, the question paper was tricky and difficult,” Dushyant of Vivekananda School said.
Aradhya, a student of Shri Guru Ram Rai Public School, said the paper was easy — just like the others prepared by the board. “About 25% of the exam was easy and remaining had to have some difficulty level. But in all it was a good question paper,” she said.
The principal of Scholar’s Home School Chaya Khanna said that the students looked satisfied after attempting the exam which shows that the paper was not very difficult.
Students in Madhya Pradesh’s capital found the question paper tricky but not lengthy.
“We answered it carefully after reading the question at least two to three times. But I attempted it 100%,” Sagar Public School’s Amisha Thakur said.
St Mary’s School’s Ritusha Kapoor said that the questions were “not so direct” but she found the paper easy.
“The paper was short, tricky and easy. I completed it before time and I am expecting good marks in the paper,” Campion School’s Anubhav Ramchandra said. The teachers also felt that it was a standard paper and easy.
“The question paper was good and scoring as well. The students who studied well are very happy but who did last-minute preparations found it too difficult to write the answers,” Kendriya Vidyalaya No 4’s computer science teacher Arun Singh said.
Kendriya Vidyalaya No 4’s computer science teacher Arun Singh said a few questions were tricky in 2017 as well but the difficulty level of the paper was high. He added that this year the paper was easy as compared to the last year.
“The question paper was scoring as well. The students who studied well are very happy but who did last-minute preparations found it to difficult to write the answers,” Singh said.
Students in Allahabad’s Gangagurukulam School said the paper was easy and they will score well on the exam.
Adarsh Kesarwani said the questions were from the syllabus and his classmate Ayushi Rawat also found the paper easy and scoring. Teachers in the school also thought their students will do well as the paper was scoring.
“Questions pertaining to topics like data file handling and data structure pattern were scoring and easy to answer by an average student. Question on array concept was also easy,” Subhodeep Chatterjee, computer science teacher at Gangagurukulam School, said.
Kirti Ghosh, another teacher at the same school, said the 70 marks question paper was balanced and in accordance with the pattern prescribed by the board.
“Students were able to attempt all questions as the same pattern was asked in two pre-board exams. Questions relating to HTML, JAVA, etc were also scoring,” she added.


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