Urvashi Rautela-Aadhaar card saga: Woman claims she used actress’ details to book hotel room ‘to relax’


To Urvashi Rautela’s relief, the Mumbai police has put an end to what could have been a second travesty for the actress. Too bad they can’t undo Hate Story 4. The woman who used Rautela’s Aadhar card to book a room in a plush Bandra hotel has been identified and an investigation is on into how she obtained a copy. Parul Chowdhary, a struggling actress and model, claimed she found Rautela’s Aadhar card (which turned out to be a duplicate) in an auto-rickshaw. Now you’d be scratching your head wondering why Rautela would travel in an auto-rickshaw but this valuable piece of information isn’t too hard to digest considering:
Well, if that’s how the actress rolls, no one’s stopping her but she must not go about dropping stuff (read: important identity documents which establish your nationality) around.
Now, we think that it is Chowdhury who has really had the last laugh here. She also goes by the name Harshita (understandable, if you were stealing other people’s documents, you’d want to have multiple identities too) and says that she used the Aadhar card as she ‘just wanted to relax for a day’. Someone tell her her idea of a weekend getaway is skewed and not to mention, illegal. So after spending a few hours in the hotel and ordering room service, it dawned on her that Rautela was — horrors! — present in the same hotel for an event! Abort Mission, Abort, Mission!
Sensing the magnitude of the situation and the implications, Chowdhury tried to exit the premises after handing over her credit card to the hotel staff; it was, however, declined.
The police was soon informed by Rautela’s manager. The police personnel scanned the CCTV footage and managed to track down the alleged scammer in a Grand Theft Auto-like episode. The police tells Mumbai Mirror that Chowdhury is “fully cooperating” in the proceedings.


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