5 fashion picks this summer


Do you have one of these in your wardrobe?

Do the jumpsuit

When the trend began trickling in a couple of seasons ago, there weren’t too many takers. There were ifs and buts. If only I were taller, but I am not slim enough to flaunt it… Then, the fashion industry swung into action because it boils down to business and tweaked the silhouettes a wee bit to try and make jumpsuits a little more accessible. Wide legged and low waisted jumpsuits flatter tall, slim women while shorter women can choose a culotte-style jumpsuit. A pinafore jumpsuit worn over a t-shirt does it for a casual day out while a more formal one can be worn to work. A few Indian retail labels offer easy, breathable, viscose and cotton-blend jumpsuits for sweltering days.

Paper-bag waist

It’s an unflattering name but if you choose the right kind of paper-bag waist trousers, shorts, dresses or skirts, it’s bound to make a bold statement. A paper-bag waist crisp linen trouser or striped cotton-blend pants with a tucked in formal white shirt is a great way to make heads turn at work. Opt for denim shorts or culottes for a more casual look.

Alia Bhatt nails the casual jumpsuit

Alia Bhatt nails the casual jumpsuit   | Photo Credit: AFP

Is it sustainable?

A lot more buyers are asking this question and taking pride in patronising labels that use garments made of sustainable, natural fibres. At a closer look, sustainability should factor in whether a textile/fashion label follows a more eco-friendly method in its fibre to garment journey without polluting the environment, leaving much carbon footprint and also ensure fair wages for its weavers. At a buyer level, these breathable organic cottons or handloom cottons used to make garments in relaxed silhouettes up the comfort quotient on sunny days.

The tones

There’s scope for everything this summer. At one end of the retail fashion spectrum, there’s no death of dull greys, sepia beige and browns, and several shades of whites. A few designers who were unsure how their monochrome spring-summer collections would be received were in for a pleasant surprise when buyers lapped it up. It was deemed okay to wear a mix of pale blues, greys, browns and an occasional black in spring-summer. To perk it up, there are floral motifs as prints or placement embroideries adding a spark of colour. At the other end of the colour spectrum are the much-loved range of pretty pinks.

Go floral

We like florals and they keep returning every other spring-summer in new ways. Generous heaps of floral prints on A-line dresses and skater dresses with bell sleeves (flaunt these stylish sleeves all this season) work splendidly for this season. Want to try something else? Look for quirky prints of puppets, camels and geometric forms.


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