Modi says Congress playing divisive politics while BJP looks to take all along: Highlights of Day 5 of his Karnataka campaign


On the fifth day of his campaign for the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed rallies in Vijayapura, Mangaluru and Bengaluru on 8 May. He spoke about BJP’s mantra of holistic development of all and asserted that the Congress, on the other hand, is only interested in playing divisive politics.

Earlier, speaking at a public meeting in Koppal, Modi said, “We only have one mantra, ‘sabka saath sabka vikas‘. But on the other hand, there is a party that ruled for 60 years out of the 70 years of independence. But they only run and oust the government only for one family”.

Desperate attempts of Congress

Modi took a dig at the Congress, claiming that its leaders were now saying that if former party chief Sonia Gandhi canvasses in the state, it can at least save the security deposits of Congress candidates. “If you bring the mother (Sonia) to Karnataka and she does something, then maybe the deposits can be saved. This is what Congress leaders have started speaking,” Modi said at the Vijayapura rally.

Modi, in his address, said, “Congress leaders have stopped visiting homes to seek votes. Now they are sitting in their offices, and thinking whom to accuse of their loss; should they blame EVMs or something else. They are planning ways to blame EVMs.”

Farmers neglected 

He also criticised the incumbent Siddaramaiah for doing nothing for the state of the farmers in the state and blamed it for playing “divisive politics” instead. “When people of Karnataka were going through tough times, irrigation minister, education minister and mining minister were busy conspiring to divide the society in an attempt to appease their masters in Delhi,” Modi said.

Women’s safety and empowerment

“These people have done nothing for the protection of women, whereas our government has brought in a strict to law to give death sentence to those who do such devilish deeds with our daughter,” Modi added. He also congratulated Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa for promising to allocate 10,000 crores to further women empowerment in Karnataka.

Modi also claimed that the Congress was spreading lies on the issue of women’s security and said that a daughter is a daughter irrespective of the community she belongs to. He also accused the Congress of not supporting the triple talaq bill in the Rajya Sabha.

Naamdaar jibe

Modi once again used the term ‘naamdaar to address Congress leaders. “When I had spoken about Swachh Bharat and building toilets from the Red Fort, the Naamdaars mocked me. Those who are born with a golden spoon, never understand the difficulties of poor. We are committed to serve the poor and would continue to do so,” he said. He added that the Bharatiya Janata Party was seeking votes in the name of development but the Congress was in such a position that their leaders did not have faith in their ‘naamdar’ (dynast) leader.

Basaveshwara mention

At the rally in Vijyapura, Modi said that Basaveshwara’s message was against divisions of caste and community but the state government had got into a habit of working against his message and of forgetting his words.

“Basaveshwara conveyed that everyone should be taken along. This Congress government is dividing communities, castes, voters… divide and rule, pit one against the other. They want to save their chair. But Congress leaders do not know this is the land of Basaveshwara. It is not going to be divided into communities and will not accept division among brothers. They will remove the Congress but will not allow poison of casteism,” Modi said.

He also reiterated that it was under former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government that Basaveshwara’s first statue was installed in the Parliament.

Attack on Siddaramaiah 

Modi also attacked chief minister Siddaramaiah for indulging in “vote bank politics.”

“I do not understand why the chief minister dislikes Bengaluru. He has handed over Bengaluru to an infamous trio — and we all know this trio — we also know they have been given charge of this city due to vote bank politics. This trio excels in all the wrong things,” Modi said.


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