A heart for art


The works of student artists of AU captured different shades of Nature and emotions

An imposing installation of a human figure was the cause for much excitement. At another corner, a group of art lovers glanced with appreciation at terracotta and bronze sculptures. The walls came alive with shades and imageries of artists’ thoughts. A creative mix of ideas and experimentation of styles and mediums were portrayed at the recently concluded ‘Graduation Show 2018’ of the graduate and post graduate students of Fine Arts Department of Andhra University. More than 100 paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures by around 40 students were exhibited at the show.

Some of the highlights included art installations, sculptures in various mediums and a mezzotint work. J Naresh captured the essence of the simplicity of village life through a series of acrylic on paper works. The serenity of village life where he grew up left a lasting impression on him. His creations brought out the innocence of childhood and had a lingering sense of nostalgia of picturesque countrysides and simple lives.

Among the new concepts introduced this time was one of mezzotint by student artist Dolly Dhillon. “The mezzotint is a print made from an engraved copper or steel plate and is done with the help of a rocker, which I got during my last visit to the US. I have been experimenting with this form for the past couple of months,” she adds. For a city that lacks a proper art gallery, the annual art show presented by the student artists of AU is a much-awaited programme in the city’s calendar of events and is looked forward to by connoisseurs of art. Professor D Simhachalam, Head of Department of Fine Arts, AU, says that through the annual show, the artists get to connect with art lovers and these are the “first formative steps” before they enter the professional world.


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