Personal enmity to blame for post-poll violence in Tripura: CM Biplab Kumar


AGARTALA: Chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb said on Sunday appropriate action will be taken against all accused in incidents of political violence over the last two months. On the sidelines of a function here on Sunday, Deb said police are investigating all the incidents of violence which have been registered with them. Deb added that he gave the same assurance to the Left Front delegation which met him two days ago.
“It has been made clear to all that no violation of law will be accepted. Police is doing its job properly. Personal enmity is thought to be the cause of all the incidents of violence,” said the CM. He denied the role of BJP in the attacks and said turncoats from other parties, including CPM, are responsible.
“BJP workers have been cautioned not to get provoked into committing any illegal act. All leaders at the local levels have been directed to maintain peace and tranquillity,” said the chief minister.
Left Front convener Bijan Dhar said a five-member delegation met the chief minister and sought his intervention to stop the alleged attacks on opposition party and trade union offices in the state. The Left leaders submitted three lists of alleged post-election attacks by BJP and IPFT supporters. The lists claim that 438 party offices have been attacked, including 93 cases of arson, 230 cases of ransacking, 52 cases of offices being locked and 63 cases of party offices being captured since March 3. Over 1,700 houses of Left supporters and leaders have also been attacked, the lists claimed.
Responding to Deb’s charge that most of the attacks are being unleashed by people who used to earlier belong to CPM, Dhar said, “Irrespective of whichever party they belonged to previously, these people are now in BJP. They can’t deny their liability.”
Deb also said victims of political violence can lodge complaints on his personal mobile or WhatsApp number. “I shall take action on any specific case which is found true,” the chief minister said.


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